Our Sills combine a beautiful appearance with the durability of natural stone. With five available colors, they pair well with almost any natural or manufactured stone veneer product. They are 2.5" deep, 36" wide, and 2" thick. They feature 5 sawn edges and 1 rockfaced edge.


Our Headers are a beautiful addition to any natural or manufactured stone veneer project. They are primarily used as an accent above doors and windows. They are 8" high, 22" wide, and an average of 1" thick.


Our Hearthstones are an excellent choice for fireplace hearths, and they can also be used as wall caps or step treads. They are 20" x 20" wide and 1.5" thick.

Mantels & Brackets

Our Mantels & Brackets are used on fireplaces where a natural stone mantel is desired. Mantels are 10" Deep, 60" Wide, and 2" Thick. Mantel Brackets are 11" Tall, 7" Deep (At Top), and 2.5" Wide.