Stone Veneer


Castle features large format square and rectangular shaped pieces. It is an excellent choice for covering large areas. It is typically installed with a mortar joint, but it may be installed in a dry-stacked style with additional cutting and fitting.
Cortland Castle
Deep River Castle
Hudson Gorge Castle
Manchester Castle
Newport Castle
Plymouth Castle

Dressed Ashlar

Dressed Ashlar features rectangular pieces with clean lines and smooth edges. Its rough textured surface creates a natural, weathered appearance. It has a mix of pre-selected sizes allowing for easier installation with minimal cutting, and it can be installed in a dry-stacked style or with a mortar joint.
Everest Dressed Ashlar
Lafayette Dressed Ashlar

Homestead Rubble

Homestead Rubble is a unique blend of several styles of stone, including mosaics, ashlars, and ledgestones. It is intended to replicate the appearance of natural stone used on early era buildings.
Elkton Ridge Homestead Rubble
Rockland Homestead Rubble
Stony Point Homestead Rubble


Ledgestones vary greatly in appearance, but they are generally characterized as long narrow pieces. Some Ledgestones are mostly rectangular and linear, while others tend to be more irregular with angled edges. Most Ledgestone products can be installed either in a dry-stacked style or with a mortar joint.
Bar Harbor Ledgestone
Charcoal Ridge Ledgestone
Cortland Ledgestone
Diamond Point Ledgestone
Grayhawk Ledgestone
High Point Ledgestone
Kingston Ledgestone
Locust Creek Ledgestone
Sheridan Ledgestone
Silver Bay Ledgestone
Stony Point Ledgestone
Woodbridge Ledgestone


With clean lines and smooth texture, MetroFit adds an elegant and modern appeal to any space. All sides are sawn for consistency and easy installation, and the face of each piece is lightly textured for a luxurious appearance. With a competitive price, it is an attractive alternative to manufactured stone veneers. Each piece is 6" high, 30" wide, and 22mm thick, allowing for easy installation and a consistent appearance.
Arctic Grey MetroFit
Yorkshire MetroFit

MetroFit Plus

MetroFit Plus features the same styling as regular MetroFit, but the taller and narrower pieces can better fill large wall areas. Each piece is 12" high, 24" wide, and 22mm thick.
Pacific Grey MetroFit Plus


Precision3 pieces are cut to a uniform height of 3" and have varying lengths. All edges are sawn, creating a clean and modern appearance and simplifying installation. It is designed to be installed in a dry-stacked style.
Victoria Precision3


PrecisionLedge features pieces that are 2", 3" and 5" high, creating a clean and precise appearance. It is designed to be installed in a dry-stacked style, and the consistent piece heights allow for easy installation.
Ashburn PrecisionLedge
Copper Canyon PrecisionLedge
Iron Mountain PrecisionLedge
Oxford PrecisionLedge
Plymouth PrecisionLedge
Potomac PrecisionLedge


QuarryField is designed to imitate stones often found near the surface layers of soil. It features a diverse selection of shapes and sizes, creating an irregular natural appearance.
Charcoal Ridge QuarryField
Copper Canyon QuarryField
Cortland QuarryField
Holston Valley QuarryField
Locust Creek QuarryField
Silver Bay QuarryField
Stony Point QuarryField

Rustic Ashlar

Rustic Ashlar features pieces that are mainly rectangular with a few angled or curved edges. The pieces tend to be larger and more square than Ledgestone and are typically installed with a mortar joint.
Amarillo Rustic Ashlar
Charcoal Ridge Rustic Ashlar
Copper Canyon Rustic Ashlar
Elkton Ridge Rustic Ashlar
Emerald Lake Rustic Ashlar
Granite Falls Rustic Ashlar
Holston Valley Rustic Ashlar
Maple Grove Rustic Ashlar
Silver Bay Rustic Ashlar
Thunder Bay Rustic Ashlar
Winter Harbor Rustic Ashlar


StackedPanel features the beauty of Ledgestone with the easy installation of a panel system. StackedPanel pieces are uniform in height with staggered ends for seamless blending. StackedPanel Fillers (individual pieces) are available to fill areas that are too small for a full panel.
Rocky Mount StackedPanel
Silver Bay StackedPanel


Different styles or colors of stone can be blended together during installation, enabling you to create the perfect look for your project.
Holston Valley Blend
Locust Creek Blend
Silver Bay Blend